Black British History

October may be recognised as Black History Month in the UK, but here at Black Ballad, we celebrate the past, present and future of Black History all year round through our content, for and by black women in Britain and beyond.

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"I firmly believe Black British history is not just for the enlightened few; it is for everyone. It is part of the UK's wider collective memory."

Black History Is For Everyone

"Playing mas truly made me feel comfortable in my identity. I felt at home. Especially knowing just how important carnival is to my ancestors."

How Carnival Helped Me Connect With My Heritage

"The little black history taught to us at school is usually from the perspective of our American cousins, and very rarely about the women who were and remain the backbone and driving force for these movements."

The World Of Activism Needs More Bees And Less Bosses

"Entitled 'Black Flowers', we gathered the black community, mainly womxn, to come and express themselves within the space. To perform freeing and expressive dances whilst, frame-by-frame, making small essential actions responding to the space."

How Black Women In Liverpool Are Reclaiming Colonial Spaces

"History has long been written from a ‘pale, male and stale’ perspective, which deemed the histories of people of colour – and what they suffered at the hands of white Europeans – as unimportant."

Long Before Windrush: London’s Black Community Has Been Here For Centuries