Pitch to Black Ballad

So, you want to write for Black Ballad? We are constantly on the lookout for black women in Britain to create engaging, impactful stories for our members. Before you send us your pitches, please make sure you take into account the following points.

Pitching Guidelines

  • Black Ballad is a platform created for and powered by black women in Britain. Therefore, we only commission those with lived experiences of being a black woman in Britain, so they can tell their own stories, on their own terms.
  • We are blessed to have created a platform where our members pay a membership fee to get engaging stories that mainstream media can’t and won’t tell. Because we have a high editorial bar, please don't be offended if we do not commission your work. When we commission, we always ask ourselves, “Would our members be happy to pay for this story?”
  • As we charge our members for access to Black Ballad, it is only right and fair that we pay those writers that we commission. And because we are paying you for your labour, please make sure you stick to deadlines and any guidelines specific to your commission. If deadlines are missed without notification, your publication and fee will be at risk.
  • Please make sure you browse the website before you pitch. There is nothing worse than receiving a pitch for an article we published in the previous week.
  • Be original. At this point we have published hundreds of stories written by black women covering everything from beauty politics, to the racial dynamics of the workplace, to natural hair stories (of course), and everything else in between. While no topic is ever “off-limits”, please make sure you check Black Ballad to see if we have published anything similar.
  • Do not send us articles that have already been written in full. Instead, follow the guidelines below.

Laying out your pitch

When sending your pitch, please structure it in the following fashion:

Subject Line: PITCH* - Working title of article

*If the pitch is timely, or urgent, start the subject line with URGENT PITCH

  • 3-4 bullet points or short paragraphs summarising the main points of the article
  • A sentence that explains why your pitch works for our readers beyond the fact that they are black, British and female
  • Examples of your work on other media platforms/blogs if you haven't been commissioned by Black Ballad before
  • If you are writing an opinion piece or a longer investigation, please always include whether you plan to interview anyone else, use statistics or plan to reference other works about the topic you are pitching
  • Include a short bio introducing who you are and your social media handles

Please send all pitches to pitch@blackballad.co.uk.

What we are currently looking for