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"I get my ideas from what’s invisible from the literature in our lives and because there are so few of us writing, there is everything to write."

– Bernadine Evaristo On What Her Booker Prize Win Tells Us About British Publishing

"It’s hard to conclude strongly that Keisha The Sket was a viral piece of literature, because we don’t know the numbers. But then, what are the numbers that qualify content as ‘viral’ anyway? Isn’t it more a recognition in relation to audience t’ing?"

How Keisha The Sket Accidentally Decolonised Literature

"What is next for BAME writers in a literary space where development is restricted? Do we wait out the struggle narrative publications until we reach a space where BAME writers can write freely; or do we tackle this issue head-on and demand more freedom and room to write beyond what is expected?"

– Are Black & Brown Writers Becoming Too Comfortable Writing And Publishing Struggle Narratives?