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Can True Love Be 'Ageless'? Black Women Get Honest About Age Gaps & Dating Younger Men

Stigma has always surrounded the dating lives of women, especially when their partner tends to be younger than them. Society has taught us that our partners should always be our seniors in an attempt to propagate the ageist and patriarchal notions we've been indoctrinated with from birth.

Still, conforming to everything society says isn’t always the best, especially regarding dating. From ‘cougars’ to ‘MILFs’, older Black women are dismantling the toxic notions that age has boundaries and owning it passionately, and the latest Netflix addition, The Perfect Find, an adaptation of Tia Williams's literary masterpiece, is a brilliant reminder of that. 

Following what seems to be a rollercoaster of life-changing events, Jenna (Gabrielle Union) decides to go ahead and turn her life around. Knowing the chances to rebuild her dream are limited, Jenna lands a job working for the cutthroat mogul and frenemy Darcy (Gina Torres).