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Editor's Letter: The Windrush 70th Anniversary & Taking The Black British Narrative Back

There is a lazy and downright insulting rhetoric around the black immigrant story. It is one created by white power players within our society and the title of this singular narrative they have written is: “black immigrants should be grateful to be live in Britain.” That those of us with the deepest of hues should be thankful to Britain for opening its doors and allowing us to tolerate racism, being paid less than our white counterparts and being shut out of the upper echelons of society. It sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud. It's laughable. In fact, I said it loud to myself moments after typing the words and chuckled. 

I think better and more truthful titles for the black immigrant story would be “overcoming adversity,” or even “the conflict of trying to please two cultures.” Yet when the majority of the media still refuses to hire black writers in senior positions and only hire black writers at the lower levels to fill a diversity quota, the narrative surrounding the black immigrant story will never change.