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"Not another parenting podcast?!.. You're right, it's not another parenting podcast..."

Illustrated artwork for Black Ballad presents The Survival Guide

"I was the first to be adopted. The next one, Margaret, was white British, as was my brother John. I then had another brother who was half South Asian, and then the youngest two were black Caribbean girls."

– Meet The Black British Women Who Identify As Transracial


"For a long time Black British mothers were invisible. We weren't in the adverts for nappies or follow on milk, we weren't in the parenting magazines or modelling maternity wear on the high street."

– Why Black Ballad Are Taking Over HuffPost UK


"On the first full day of my period, I called the clinic to book my baseline scan for the following day. This scan, as you can imagine, is even more uncomfortable."

– I Finally Decided To Freeze My Eggs: Here's What Happened Step-By-Step


"I loved children and did want to be a mother one day, but the fears and worries that plagued me truly deterred me."

– Confronting My Childhood And Righting My Parents' Wrongs


"I’ve had to really question my mother over the years, not attack her, but genuinely ask how her thought process works."

– How I'm Helping My Mother Overcome Internalised Misogyny