The Face Of The Modern British Workforce

The Face of the Modern British Workforce

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To mark Black Ballad’s 10th year, we are celebrating Black British women like never before.

For International Women’s Day 2024, we are launching a campaign that celebrates the diverse talents, hopes, dreams and achievements of Black British women called ‘The Face of the Modern British Workforce’.

Over three days we photographed 56 Black women from different industries and life experiences, from ‘traditional’ careers such as lawyer, doctor and accountant, through to those working at the cutting edge of technological innovation that will shape our digital futures. Each portrait is a story that we hope will inspire and provide an expansive window into modern Britain.


Black Ballad presents The Face of the Modern British Workforce

“When Black Ballad embarked on this partnership with Google we were keen to show Black women that they could and should – if they hadn’t already – pursue a career and life at the tech company,” explains Tobi Oredein, Black Ballad’s CEO and co-founder.

“In the evolution of this partnership we wanted pay homage to breadth of talent Black women possess and how they are critical to a modern British workforce. So there is no better day to kick start this than International Women’s Day. For the first time in my lifetime I feel like this is IWD campaign that centres Black British women unapologetically and as they are. This campaign raises a glass not just to the 56 Black women in these images but to the Black women of the past, present and future forging to have the careers they want and deserve against all the odds.”

“At Google, we recognise that building an inclusive tech industry requires collaboration with partners who are trusted by and deeply connected to their communities,” says Ramat Tejani, Strategic Partnerships Lead, EMEA, Google People Operations.

“That’s why we’re proud to support Black Ballad’s ‘Face of the Modern British Workforce’ campaign. This campaign beautifully highlights the diverse experiences and remarkable contributions of Black women, challenging outdated stereotypes and paving the way for greater representation in different industries. We believe in the power of authentic partnerships to drive meaningful change.”

You can learn more about careers at Google in the UK here.

Examples from The Face of the Modern British Workforce
Three indiviudal images from the campaign showing a UX designer, PhD candidate and office manager.
The face of modern motherhood

Whether you call it the blend, the balance or the juggle, working mums are an integral part of the British workforce. So often we speak about the struggle of navigating the workplace and our home lives, but with this campaign we wanted to celebrate black mums that are doing their best personally and professionally.

There is no denying how hard it is to survive and thrive in the working world as a black woman, but we are doing it. Add in the identity of motherhood and sometimes it can feel impossible. But against all odds, black mothers continue to be valuable players in the workplace across all industries.

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