Careers, Work & Black Women

"I refuse to hold on to the belief that we must inherently suffer before making a living wage. The struggle may be real, but it shouldn’t be a necessity."

– Living In LA Taught Me That The Way We Think About 'The Hustle' Is Dangerous


"Renay took a gigantic leap when she launched a multi-genre podcasting joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment."

– Broccoli Content Is The Black-Woman-Owned Podcast Powerhouse Making Sure Everyone Eats

"I used university as a springboard into engaging with the local art community, and this really helped me to network with creatives already making significant impact."

– Creative, But Never Struggling: How Black Northern Artists Are Staying Afloat



"As a senior leader in health, I’m still usually the only black face in a room. I’m still the one that people look to for advice on “how to approach diverse communities” and “create a more inclusive team”."

– The Myth Of A White Monolith: Being A Black Woman In Leadership In Newcastle Upon Tyne



"I’ve mentored someone who considered taking off her hijab for an upcoming interview to prove she can ‘assimilate’ in the working environment."

– Black, Muslim And Looking For Jobs In The West Midlands