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Founder's Letter: Saluting Our Sisters Starts With Knowing Our Worth

I was at church today and two friends said: “you have been busy” and they were not wrong. Friends have sent clapping emojis and commented on LinkedIn posts sweetly encouraging me as I’ve posted my speaking engagements and even when friends have called, the opening line has been: “you have been outside,” followed by a chuckle. The chuckle is because anyone that knows me well, knows I do not like leaving my house. Yet, this Black History Month (BHM) and the theme Saluting our Sisters has had me here, there and everywhere and I’m really grateful for that.

Of course, I am biased due to saluting sisters every single day through Black Ballad, but this year’s theme might be my favourite. Meeting and being around so many black women I know and have admired for far too long on the internet has filled me with joy. Seeing how black women from different industries navigate the workplace and have organised to give me and other black women the space to speak freely about our work has felt incredibly special.