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Remel London On Her Journey From YouTube To Primetime Radio & 'The Mainstream'

Not everyone can boast of being instrumental in the initiation of the careers of talents like Ed Sheeran. Well, Remel London can.

From Link Up TV to Capital Xtra and now The Mainstream – her own platform championing figureheads in the media – Remel has decades of experience. For Black Ballad, she exclusively shares how one opportunity can lead to a lifetime career in the entertainment industry.

Let’s set the scene. A rowdy underground venue full of energetic fans vibing out to grime, garage and drum and bass. It’s the legendary Red Bull Culture Clash, and a young and impressionable Remel is in the centre of a mosh pit with a camera and mic. Call that determination.

“We got the genuine reaction of the crowd because we were right in the middle. I am talking about mosh pits around us and I am in the middle, filming like ‘This is amazing, we’re having so much fun!’ That is when I realised that we are for the people,” Remel says.