Black Women In Britain

"How can the Black British identity include a Scottish voice, if a collective Black Scottish voice or community doesn’t appear to exist in Scotland?"

– Being Black, Female And Not Living In London


"It is thought that black undergraduates may have studied at Cambridge University since the early 18th century."

– A Brief History of Blackness In East Anglia



"All of these large bold families from all over Jamaica connected and rooted in the Land of Song – Wales."

– You Can Never Really Lose Touch With The Place You Call Home


"A small part of me did wonder if things felt worse because we were no longer cushioned by the inflated demographics of London."

– What It's Like Parenting Black Kids In A Predominantly White Town

"Different black Leicester-based organisations have had to make it clear where they stand on issue of Black Lives Matter."

– What It Means To Be Black In A BAME-Majority City



"I work at a school in Salford where the majority demographic is still white. In my first few weeks, I couldn’t believe what I’d done."

– I Hated High School – Which Is Why I Decided To Work In One