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Black Banter And Navigating My Home As An Afro-German In Nottingham

The global revolt of black people sparked by long withstanding oppression and inequality has reinforced a thought that I could never quite put into words before – we black folk are all individuals but inherently connected.

And no, I do not mean connected in the way that many ignorant people believe us to be; black culture is not homogeneous and we do not all look the same. What I mean is that the murder of a young black woman in Louisville, Kentucky or the murder of a black father from North California by police officers affects many of us in very similar ways, especially in countries where racial injustice and police brutality are also deep-rooted issues.

Whether Black British or African American, we are exhausted. We are sick and tired of the racial fetishism, the covert racism and the performative ally-ship. Not to mention, the racist “Karens” and “Kevins” who melt down when they witness black people simply enjoying a sunny day. We are sick and tired of ignorant and racist people exclaiming that “all lives matter” or the ridiculous “blue lives matter”. Being a police officer is a conscious decision made by individuals but being black is not. However, people continue to use these responses as a way to dismiss the fact that black lives also matter, in a world where the way in which we are treated reveals the opposite message.