Black Women Beyond Britain

"My experience in the UK wasn’t exactly good, though not all bad, and yet I still found myself drawn to British and British Jamaican content once back in Canada."

– How The Influence Of Jamaican Culture Can Draw The Diaspora Together

"As an Italian-born black woman now living in the UK, I am fascinated by the differences in black identity, culture and politics across the continent."

– Black Europe Exists And It's Important We Unite



"There was a loving warmth there that I had never felt before anywhere else in the world. My Yoruba roots were celebrated and emulated with a distinctly Brazilian twist."

– Why Visiting Brazil Felt Like A Homecoming


"Ironically, Denmark (and other Northern European countries) is lauded for its pristine education system, but the realities are not as clean-cut."

– Where Is Home For Somalis Born In Europe?



"Coming out to my family has never been an option, so by moving back home, I would have to give up the freedoms I felt I had in the UK."

– Moving To Zimbabwe As A Queer Child Of The Diaspora