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Helping black women in Britain and beyond live their best lives


Black Ballad exists to help every black woman realise how she can change her world through every click she makes and every conversation she has.

We tell stories, host events and create experiences for, by and about black women that they can't and won't get anywhere else. From our articles and podcasts, to our thriving membership and community, BB exists to do one thing - help black women in Britain and beyond live their best lives.

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BB Articles & Videos

Our goal is to tell stories for, by and about black women that other media platforms can't and won't tell. That is why every single one of BB's 500+ articles & videos has been created and edited by black women. So whether you're reading a BB investigation or deep-diving into a BB content series, know that everything you read or watch is black women's telling their stories on our own terms.

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Now you can hear black women tell their stories on their own terms. Subscribe, download and stream BB podcasts via your favourite apps and join in with conversations created for us, by us.

Black Ballad Presents... The Survival Guide

How do you date when you're a mum? How do you blend kids and a successful career? How can the IVF process affect your relationship? What's it like being a foster carer?

We'll discussed all these important questions and much more in season one of our parenting podcast, Black Ballad Presents: The Survival Guide.

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Whether physical and digital, wherever Black Ballad creates a space for black women, it will always be a safe space for us. Whether you're chatting in our Slack Channel exclusively for Black Ballad Premium Members, engaging with our social media communities or attending our physical and virtual events, there is nothing better than being part of a community of people that want to see Black women win.

Create For Us

We are always looking for new writers and creators to work with on a freelance basis. If you have an idea that you think will work for Black Ballad please get in touch via our pitching guidelines.

Meet The Team

Tobi OredeinFounder / CEO

I'm the Boss, but in all seriousness, that means that my job is to make sure the team has the environment, tools and resources to thrive. On the day to day, I make sure we work with brands who want to see black women win and organise events that leave black women feeling like they can do anything and face the world on their own terms. 

One meal I could eat forever is... Yam & Nigerian omelette. It is the food from God above...

Bola AwoniyiCo-founder / COO

I'm a Nigerian man, surrounded by black women, while leading on Growth, Data & Technology

The one meal I could eat for a year is Jollof Rice, Chicken & the highest bidding malt drink

Jeni BensonHead of Editorial

I commission our writers, edit their work and also oversee the editorial vision and creative direction on all our different projects.

If I could only eat one meal for a year it would be... Nigerian party fried rice with chicken, moin-moin, plan-TAYN and party sa-LAHD.

Nicole GeorgeCommunity Executive

I'm like the town crier, except I give you doses of memes, quality content & community driven conversations. 

The one meal I could eat for a year is jollof rice, curry mutton, plantain, coleslaw, likkle mac n cheese, salad, festivals, mmm maybe saltfish fitters *drifts off into food heaven*

Mia ThorntonJunior Content Creator

Bringing visions to life - I'm your go to girl for all things content creation!

The one meal I could eat for a year is Teriyaki Salmon Stir-Fry followed by apple crumble (90% crumble 10% apple)

Isha WebberOffice Manager / Tobi's PA

Behind the scenes whiz, coordinating whilst Tobi drives the boat.

The one meal I could eat for a year is a beef pad thai with king prawns for variety!