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Why Some Young, Black Women Feel Like They Can No Longer Afford Motherhood

Growing up, Gemma* from London envisioned that she’d have hit several milestones by the age of 30, including owning an apartment and having a child. However, the company she works for recently issued massive pay cuts to their employees, forcing her to make do with almost half of what she was previously earning. Amidst a drastic increase in the cost of living that has seen many people struggle to pay essential bills, motherhood now seems like a far-fetched dream for Gemma.

“I’m pretty much living paycheck-to-paycheck and sometimes even have to skip meals just so that I can afford to pay bills,” Gemma says. “I have even contemplated moving back home with my parents so that I can cut down on my expenses. If I can’t even afford to take care of my own needs, how can I afford to take care of another human being?”