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How We Survived The Harsh Reality Of Moving Back In With Our Parents

Whether you’ve lived with your parents for years or are simply under their roof for a few weeks, cohabitating with them can be highly complex – mainly because you’re no longer a child. So, it’s no surprise that in a generation that upholds financial freedom as the ultimate goal and the most significant phase in our lives, many young adults despise still living with their parents.

This rising pressure and the glorification of the ‘get rich or die trying’ culture see many moving out of their family homes purely because they feel ashamed or like a failure if they don’t. But those on the other side of the fence who have the autonomy to transition to solo living are now facing soaring rents, an appalling job market, a shortage of affordable housing, and a cost of living crisis.

Inevitably, it makes us wonder how many would rather lean again into those who once brushed their teeth and tucked them to bed. Regardless of its challenges, it feels like an overlooked privilege and reliable safety net we should hold onto if we can.