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Stormzy At Glastonbury Is A Win For Him, Black British History & Culture

Stormzy intrigues me. Yes, he makes great music, but he is openly aware and vocal on the weight he has on his shoulders as a black man in the public eye. The weight to represent every black person and every piece of black culture in a way that is authentic to himself, the Black British community and in a way that won’t piss off the white gatekeepers that have the power to open the doors that he can not (for now). He is so self-aware, that is refreshing and only adds to why many of us like him beyond the music he makes and why so many of us were rooting for him to deliver at Glastonbury on Friday night. 

As always, he didn’t shy away from the moment. He set the tone for how historic his moment of headlining Glastonbury was by having his conversation with Jay Z play on giant screens before he walked on. Jay Z, the man who embodies Hip-Hop, giving advice and reassurance to the man who embodies Grime discussing the cultural impact of performing on a stage like Glastonbury. The exchange was beautiful and illustrates that African Americans can respect and appreciate our culture. (Take notes, Spike Lee and every fool that worked on that episode).