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Editor's Letter: Why Black Brits Can't Afford To Ignore The Xenophobia In Spike Lee's Work

I guess I started formulating this newsletter in my mind last week Sunday, just after we sent out the previous letter. As the week has progressed, I’ve wanted other topics to discuss but yet, this particular subject was a point of discussion in many areas of my life. From social media posts, to my personal WhatsApps, to panel discussions I took part in - She’s Gotta Have It was a hot and in some cases, scorching topic to discuss.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, the Netflix series is about a carefree, sexually liberated black woman called Nola Darling who is navigating her personal and professional life in gentrified Brooklyn. The show is created by Spike Lee and based on his 1986 film bearing the same name.