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Why I'm Campaigning To Expand The Scottish Curriculum

After the murder of George Floyd only a few months ago, I was moved. Watching protests take place around the world I felt like I had to do something. Protest is essential and vital; it’s a visible and powerful expression of solidarity and communities coming together. But I also think it's important efforts go beyond protesting, so that the messages we are desperately trying to get across are not lost in a sea of echoing voices.

When I saw the Black Lives Matter protests taking place across Scotland, from Glasgow to Aberdeen, I felt proud. I felt that we were saying enough is enough louder than ever. Yet, I also thought that it was time that I channelled this collective energy into affirmative action. I didn't want to see our efforts go to waste. I wanted to see a commitment to long-standing and long-term change. I felt that my campaign was needed because I saw it as a necessary next step after the protest. Having seen calls for the compulsory education of black history in English schools, I felt that Scotland too had to follow suit – education is a devolved power – and what better way than to make a petition to the Scottish Government.