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Editor's Letter: Growing Up In Birmingham Was a Vibe

I’ve had months to prepare to write my editor’s letter but have grappled with what message to share. Then I realised that these articles, which represent weeks of patience and commitment to the journalistic process, has forced me to reflect further on what home and community means to me.

It’s fair to say being part of the Black Women in Britain project is the closest I’ve felt to being part of a community for some time. I don’t generally feel part of, neither am I actively involved in, any communities, and certainly not my local one where I live now in the Black Country.


Here, there’s no chance of you being deafened by an obnoxious, but comedic mix of Islamic, Black Israelite, and Christian preaching (over speakers) like how you are in Birmingham. Add various buskers to that street scene, and this one black lady who’s living her best life singing in High Street. The most you’ll hear where I live is, “Any old iron?” from new-school rag-and-bone men.