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The Cultural Roots Of Community Farming In Birmingham

At Lynda McFarlane’s Earth Gardens in Birmingham, her vision is for these spaces to become a “safe, boundaried piece of land that will represent the spirit of our African culture”. 

They’re designed to be a healing oasis, where beauty and food production are one, and where health, self-sufficiency and community are prioritised as part of her not-for-profit organisation Vegan Vybes.

Whilst Lynda has harvested the last of this summer’s tomatoes now, she’s planted a plum tree; rhubarb; red, yellow and white onions; curly kale, purple kale and perennial kale; brassicas; garlic; chicory and wild rocket.

It’s a long list, and doesn’t stop there.

Echinacea, evening primrose, rosemary, sage and other herbs fill the two allotment spaces, frequently visited by locals in search of serenity.

At her Handsworth site, there’s even a pond — home to shubunkin and goldfish — and you might spot Lynda’s cute Jack Russell and Dachshund-cross, Maisy, who adores the space.