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Navigating Desirability Politics & Fashion As A Professional With ADHD

One of the good things about having an official ADHD diagnosis is that I can use it as an excuse to get out of most things. My favourite excuse when someone asks me to go somewhere or do something with them is, “Sorry, my ADHD doesn’t want to.”

I got my diagnosis in March 2022 and a lot of things started to make more sense. I would rather spend four hours watching skincare videos than the five to ten minutes it would take me to complete my own (no, I can’t explain it either)!

Most people with ADHD also suffer from sensory processing disorder and hypersensitivities, which means things that are not that big a deal or are relatively straightforward to the neurotypical person, present very differently to someone like me.

I have no idea how to apply make-up and if I’m honest my desire to learn is nowhere to be found, and yet looks are very important to me and always have been.

I love when things look good; impeccable makeup and flawless style are the stuff of my fantasies, especially with regards to personal style and clothing, but when it comes to the things that aren’t so obvious and exciting, you’d think I was a different person.