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How I Used ChatGPT To Help Re-Launch My Small Business

Last year I encountered a roadblock in my career when a website I was building with my team faced a significant content issue. It didn't matter whether the material was written or visual; our clients just didn't like it and we were running out of time with the project. 

We were about halfway through the final month of our two-month assignment. As a project manager, this was the first time everything felt heavy on my shoulders and despite having a content manager on the team, I was struggling to find a solution.

The two largest e-commerce sites in Nigeria needed to be linked to the new website for our project to be successful. We needed product descriptions for more than 50 products and nine brands, in addition to other written content. 

We conducted internet research, compiling all the information we found in one file, however, there still wasn't enough information to publish to the website.

I desperately contacted a buddy, who works as a software engineer and a data analyst, and he introduced me to ChatGPT.