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How To Get Over Public Failure

As 2018 turned into 2019, comedian Tiffany Haddish failed to execute her NYE stand-up set, resulting in #SheNotReady trending on Twitter. They were right, that day, she was not ready. 

Tiffany Haddish’s popularity has grown since her cracking performance in Girls Trip (2017), after years of graft leading up to that moment. She is associated with being funny onscreen, rather than onstage, so there was some cynicism ahead of her stand-up.

Before this moment, she has been ripped apart because of her “ghetto” mannerisms. Also, for correctly (in my opinion) saying she didn’t have the range to provide on the spot solutions to tackling Hollywood’s diversity issues (when asked by a journalist). As Black women we know the microscopic scrutiny we face when we are successful: simultaneously seen as not doing enough and doing the most. 

I honestly feel that some people were waiting for Tiffany to ‘bomb’. The expectations were high. The stakes were high; it was New Year’s Eve. Just imagine how much the tickets cost… However, the response from some fans was unnecessary. One ‘fan’ recorded himself heckling her whilst she was onstage.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan, I am rooting for Tiffany. I respect how she responds to foolishness and I utterly admired how she addressed her NYE moment. In just 280 characters she demonstrated a mindset to get over a very public bad day at work.