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Editor's Letter: Learning To Live for Myself First, Not Others Or The Internet

Happy New Year! Yes, I know, when do you stop saying that? But I think I deserve a pass as this is the first Editor’s letter of 2019.

So, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas - it is such an overwhelming time of year and the demand for perfection is exhausting. I’ve finally learnt what type of Christmas makes me happy and that is one that sees me being at home in pyjamas. That was the Christmas break I had this year and it gave me some time to really reflect on what I want in 2019 and how I can do things differently. 

2019 already feels different, I feel so much more relaxed and I’ve only set myself three goals this year. I thought 2019 would be the year where I would feel the pressure more than ever, as I turn 30 this year. Some friends have already asked how I plan to celebrate, where am I celebrating and who I will be celebrating with.