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Founder's Letter: Let’s Have A Real Conversation About The Dangers Of Representation

I’ve done a lot of speaking on panels in my time. Some go really well - you sit on a panel and have great chemistry with everyone, including the chair. Then some speaking engagements feel really awkward. I remember I was on a panel and we were talking about the importance of representation and another panelist decided to stress that Rishi Sunak was a sign that Britain was progressive (and before you ask yes, yes she was). Then, as one of two black women on the panel, I gently let everyone listening know, that our current multicultural, but coon dancing government is not one we will reflect on with pride.

I guess that is why representation is dangerous. It can often fool many, even black people, into thinking we are making strides. Representation can be a cruel tool used by those with power to create an illusion that we are moving forward, but really it will never even touch the surface when it comes to collective freedom for us all.