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Founder's Letter: Learning To Have A Healthy Relationship With External Validation

Early this evening, I had a conversation with a friend. We had the usual catch up, she filled me in on the details about her brother’s wedding, I got her opinion on an outfit, we chatted about the kids and we also spoke about the passing of Richard Taylor. I actually considered writing this letter about Richard Taylor and his legacy. How he was plunged into a purpose that he never asked for, but if I’m honest words fail me.

Yet, we spoke about something else - validation. We spoke about how our relationships has changed with it and how we used to equate it to success. As someone who has built her own company and own table, I have had to do a considerable amount of work on being fine with not being seen by some.

I know validation has its place. There is nothing like another black women affirming you in your feelings, your identity and seeing you when others don’t. And we all know that person that seeks and values white validation above all else like their lives depend on it.