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Feeling Myself: Digital Creator Natalie Lee On Shedding Shame For Sexual Freedom

Sex can be such a hush-hush topic for women. It’s not ‘ladylike’ to talk in detail about your desires or urges. You certainly shouldn’t discuss orgasms or masturbation and body hair, rolls, stretch marks and cellulite shouldn’t be visible, let alone considered sexy.

While this reality might not be the case for every women, it’s no secret that sexually open and carefree women are harshly judged. Even one sexual experience can negatively affect a woman’s reputation, yet this isn’t the case for men. 

These sexist narratives are tied into the sexual shame many women are socialised into adopting from a young age. These narratives are also frequently upheld throughout our lives, negatively impacting our relationship with sex and pleasure.

This is a reality that ‘instamum’ and digital creator Natalie Lee aka Style Me Sunday is all too familiar with.