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The Transgender Activist Challenging Bias & Championing LGBTQ+ Rights In Zimbabwe

Pride Month is marked with colourful flags, painted faces, singing, dancing and loud celebration. Since 28 June 1970, to mark the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, thousands of people have been congregating throughout this month and beyond to march in the streets, living proudly and enjoying their freedom. From Paris to South Africa, the same love and celebration radiate from person to person, except here. In Zimbabwe, that is not what Pride looks like.

For as long as I can remember, I have sat alone as June begins. Seeing pictures with drops of colour through my screen, yearning for the day when I too could go out marching in the street.

I was always excited and hopeful for this day, but one look at the threats and slurs cast toward those brave enough to be vocal would always force me back to reality. Here it is illegal to be me, an inherited side effect of British colonial rule.

Being gay in Zimbabwe has been illegal since 1891 when the country was still called Rhodesia. Sodomy was classified as unlawful sexual conduct and defined in the Criminal Code as either anal sexual intercourse or any intercourse that a reasonable person considers an "indecent act" between consenting adults.