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How ‘That’s So Raven’ Gave Black Girls Looks & Lessons In Self-Expression

That’s So Raven was a Disney Channel original show that ran on the network for four seasons between 2003 and 2007. From the outset, That’s So Raven was a piece of Disney history as the channel’s first multi-camera sitcom, and the show would continue to create a strong legacy by being the first show to reach 100 episodes since the channel’s conception in 1983.

Everything about the show, from the Black-led cast to the dialogue was different to anything the Disney Channel had released up until that point. This portrayal of a Black girl protagonist paved the way for many other popular shows and films on the Disney Channel such as Twitches and Jump In!

With these facts in mind, it is of no surprise that That’s So Raven is one of the highest rated Disney Channel shows. The 2005 episode 'Country Cousins' is the most viewed live action episode of a Disney Channel original series ever. Whilst statistics like this prove the show’s legacy in terms of viewership, for many of us, the importance of That’s So Raven is in the presentation of Black girlhood and the unforgettable fashion displayed throughout the show’s four-year run.