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At This Point, Are Celeb-Backed Skincare Lines Just A Cash-Grab For Famous People Looking To Diversify?

John Legend is the latest celebrity to launch a new skincare line, Loved01, for those with “melanin-rich” skin complexions. Loved01 debuted with six products that have been approved by a renowned board certified dermatologist, Dr Naana Boakye.

There does seem to have been some consideration behind the formula; it has been created with a little more acidic PH balance to help hydration retention. What’s also quite noble is that it’s relatively affordable – everything is under $15.

As John Legend explains, there is a very real wealth gap between black and brown communities and their white contemporaries. For him, it seemed unfair to create and market products to a  community that wouldn’t be able to afford them.

Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive but at a time where it appears every other celebrity is bringing out a beauty brand, can these brands bring value to an already saturated market, or are they just cash-grabs?