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Editor's Letter: The Joy Of Remembering Our Personal History Through Our Hair

I’ve written about many topics during my time as a writer. Yet the topic that I’ve always been resistant to write about is hair. I mean I have written about my hair quite a few times, but every time I would start typing I would ask myself "what I could add to the conversation?" 

As black women, our hair is a constant conversation. From my sacred WhatsApp conversations with my best friends where we all ask for opinions on what hairstyle we should do next, to recommending products and telling each other what products not to use. 

In the last week, as I’ve spent hours deep conditioning my hair, minutes doing and undoing braid outs and seconds fluffing my hair into the perfect position, I thought about how my hair is the best way to tell my history. What I mean by that is that every hairstyle I’ve had says something about where I am or what was going on in my life. Beyond my hair just being a physical part of me that I love, beyond it being a source of frustration at times, our hair tells our stories and timeline of life.