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Facing The Fashion Industry As A Hijabi

As a black woman in today's society, we all know that life can hit us with a new or an old struggle every single day, whether that be in male-dominated workplaces, swimming around blindly in the dating pool or just in our everyday social lives. As women we are tokenised, pressured to keep up with the latest trends and adhere to British standards of beauty all whilst wearing certain clothes, taking particular photographs, speaking a specific way. Our parents once greatest fears have turned into a public dispute of the scary, unrealistic standards that have been laid upon 21st Century women. With more and more products and tools introduced to us every year, it's becoming hard not to conform. As you can imagine, when you throw in religion it becomes even more difficult, and when it comes to fashion, being a Muslim is like being in an extremely complicated labyrinth. With your Quran in one hand and your makeup bag in the other, nagging guilt can end up eating away at you every time you leave the house.