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Editor's Letter: I Need To Be Better At Celebrating The Small Stuff

Yesterday, my husband asked me a question. He said: “do you know what date it is?” I detest those types of questions. Why? Because they are traps. So I did the mental gymnastics and ran through all the months of the year, and realised that June was not the month for birthdays or anniversaries. So after a quick moment of silence, I said: “just tell me.” He then reminded me that it was June 15th and it had been two years since we re-launched the Black Ballad site with the membership and Black Ballad originally launched five years ago. 

If I’m honest, I’m not sure if I truly forgot or I choose not to remember. If I chose not to remember, it's probably because I’m so caught up in working towards the future of Black Ballad, I’m forgetting to live and celebrate the present. Ideally, we would have celebrated through editorial content and events, but when you feel like you have so much to achieve in order to fulfil the vision you can see, you condition yourself not see the stepping stones as points of success.