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Editor's Letter: Going To The Hairdressers For The 1st Time In 20 Years Helped Me Value Being A Black Consumer

10 is a significant age for me. It wasn’t just the age where I hit my first decade, but it was the last time I stepped foot into a black owned hair salon that catered exclusively for black people. Besides one press visit to a black owned salon in Kensington (a great salon I may add) I have shunned black owned hair salons. 

Now anyone that knows me, knows I am the worst when it comes to hair (and make-up). Putting my hair into a simple bun is hard for me. However, I’ve either had a hairdresser come to my house - in particular for my braids and I’ve had an amazing hairdresser who has a room in her house. She has done my hair on the most special moments of my life including my wedding. I admit going to someone’s house and sharing intimate conversations with a woman that is more of a friend than a hairdresser has been a beautiful experience.