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Editor's Letter: Chimamanda Taught Me It's OK To Say 'I Don't Know'

Usually, I write this newsletter on Sunday afternoon, for two main reasons. I like it to be as current and as fresh as possible. Also, like most people, the week is chock-a-block and you can’t do everything in the working week. However, I’m writing this newsletter on a Saturday night, minutes after walking through the door after listening to Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche speak to Reni Eddo Lodge at the Royal Festival Hall.

Where do you begin? Maybe we should begin with this gem she said last night: “There’s something in the water of whiteness that makes you think conversations about racism are about you,” when describing the attitudes of white people towards racism. Or how about the moment she gave a very honest, refreshing and critical take on feminism when she said that in the name of being inclusive, we are going to deny difference. Or maybe we should talk about the piercing stare she gave a man who asked for help when it came to his love of Quentin Tarantino.