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Editor's Letter: Let Us Not Repeat The Mistakes Of Feminism

International Women’s Day (IWD) is upon us and I will hold my hands up and say Black Ballad isn’t doing anything significant to mark the occasion. With hosting an event in the same week (well, yesterday) and only having two pair of hands, I decided to forgo doing a second event in the space of a week to mark the day. However, it did make me think about the importance of March 8th. I thought about whether I should write a piece on the fact that Women’s International Day needs to keep working towards ensuring black women are heard within the feminist movement. While we know pay gap exists between men and women, we also know race plays a huge factor in pay. With a 23% hourly pay gap between black and white graduates, it is clear when it comes to equal pay (a topic that often dominates feminism and International Women’s Day) that black women are on the back foot. I could also pull out statistics that show how black women are treated significantly worse by the NHS when it comes to mental health and giving birth.