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Editor's Letter: Black Companies Should Not Be Having Black Female Firsts 50 Years Into Existence

For the most part, one of the blessings Black Ballad has shown me is the solidarity between black-owned businesses. When a black-owned business has done something great, you see the relentless celebrations online. We know that if we don’t celebrate ourselves and each other, who will? 

While it is great that we celebrate each other, it is vital that we hold each other to account. So with that, I think it is important that we have a discussion about Essence hiring a black female photographer to shoot its cover for the first time this month in its 48-year-lifespan.

One the honours of being a black person who has the power to make decisions in a company, especially a company that is independent and black-owned, is that you get to give opportunities to people who are often overlooked due to their race and gender - especially when mainstream media has ignored our presence and pretended that we were not worthy of opportunities.