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Why I Stopped Looking For Inspiration

It’s not news that the social media has ‘democratised’ our lives. No longer do we have to rely on ancient institutions and secret boys’ clubs to pursue our dreams; we now have a culture of communal self-help in the palm of our hands. At first, this felt like a type of Promised Land where everything I aspired to was finally within reach. I enthusiastically followed inspirational influencers and registered for the growing number of events that promised to help people – especially millennial women – to excel.

Yet, very quickly I reached saturation point. Although there are some legitimate resources out there, much of it felt like cheap attempts to increase clicks, brand awareness and ad-dollars. The advice began to sound the same, and I had shaken so many hands, eaten a lot of free cupcakes and accumulated enough goodie-bags that there was no longer any space in my wardrobe for actual clothes.