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Black-Owned Sustainable Beauty & Wellness Brands Explain Why Ethical Production Is So Important

In fashion, thanks to websites like Good On You and Fashion Checker, it has become increasingly easier to peek behind the scenes of the industry and pick off any untraceable production lines or glossy greenwashing campaigns. But in beauty, thanks in part to clever, careful and oftentimes confusing wording in advertisements and on labels, what is ‘ethical and sustainable’ is harder to decipher.

When it comes to truly sustainable beauty for big brand companies, real change in ethical practices has thus far been reliant on the right sales pitch rather than adapted processes. This lack of transparency and the focus on other forms of wastes has led us to become less conscious about things like the lifespan of our toothpaste tubes, face cream tubs and the rest of our wash day arsenal. Despite their necessity, with only 9% of plastic is being recycled and around 12% of this waste still being burned, our favourite beauty products have just as much of an environmental impact as a throw away pair of jeans.