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My Unconventional Career Path From Psychology To Tech To Film

At every careers’ day in high school, I would show up in a different role. At first, I wanted to be a fashion designer, then a doctor and then a lawyer. I dropped law when I realised that at the time, I was not fascinated enough by history to pursue a career in this industry. I always knew that whatever I decided to do would be something that I am passionate about.

In 2013, my grandfather passed away with dementia in the Commonwealth of Dominica and then the lightbulb moment happened for me. We were very close; he was like a father to me. During his dementia diagnosis, I would study for exams in the hospital. Our home was not a home, just somewhere to rest our heads for the next day.

I remember one day coming to the hospital to see how he was doing, and he did not remember me. I was so confused and heartbroken because I had known him all my life. I truly did not understand how the brain was able to forget memories so engraved in our system. The experiences and challenges faced during that time drove me to social impact. I knew this is something I would commit to for the rest of my life.