Mental Health & Wellness

"Even when racism isn’t the direct cause of psychological distress, it affects every aspect of our lives."

– How Black Women Can Get The Most Out Of Counselling

"Some common reasons for hoarding are: documenting personal history, preserving the past, holding on to the memory of loved ones and relief of anxiety related to past material deprivation."

– How I Learned To Empathise With My Mother's Hoarding Habit


"Our DNA holds the trauma of our ancestors and manifests in physical dis-ease. Learning to attend to the sites of pain has taught me what needs to be healed within."

– My Descent Into Hell: Understanding My Ancestors' Trauma


"At the beginning, there were four black people on the course. By the end of the second year, there was only me!"

– The Struggles and Trials That Face Black Trainee Therapists


"Every bill that came in, every late payment, every single financial trigger just pushed me further down into the mud."

– Me vs Motherhood, Mental Health And Financial Stability


"I am no stranger to the history of labelling black children as having special needs and pushing them to one side, nevertheless, that does not take away from the fact that some black people do have ADHD."

– Black Excellence And My ADHD Diagnosis