Health & Our Bodies

"As a mixed-race person, Joel’s likelihood of finding a stem cell match was less than 20%."

– The Yorkshire Family Taking On Racial Disparities In Stem Cell Transplants And Winning

"More people live with binge eating disorder than anorexia or bulimia, and it is black women who are more likely to experience this type of eating disorder."

– Black Women And The Silence Around Binge Eating Disorder



"I think it’s quite complex. To me, it’s like any other form of surgical body modification and this happens to be one that fits in with beauty standards held by the Black community."

– The Rise & Real Dangers Behind Brazilian Butt Lifts


"I put the science to the oldest woman in my life circle, 93-year-old Daisy Hemmings. She decided to learn ballroom dancing after watching a television programme."

– On Turning 61: Aging, Health & Vitality As An Older Black Woman


"Many women feel unable to masturbate as they lack knowledge of the female anatomy and unsure about how to self-stimulate."

Masturbation Isn't Dirty


"Being in The Valleys and with all the disruptions from Covid, checking on my contraceptive pill supply was not at the top of my to-do list."

– The Pill, The Pandemic And Lockdown In The Welsh Valleys