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Why Kano Is One Of The Greatest Musical Storytellers Of Our Generation

Kano’s latest album, Hoodies All Summer, has cemented his place as one of the greatest Black British storytellers of our time – and arguably all time. Since he blessed us with this body of work, I’ve been unable to listen to much else.

I’m no music critic, but taking it in track by track, I struggle to find any room for improvement. From the lyricism, to his unmatched flow, the versatile sounds, and the overall message and content, this album is an important contribution to Black British culture, and I personally could not be more grateful for it.

Anyone who has followed Kano’s career since his 2005 debut album, Home Sweet Home, can attest to his talent not only as a skilled rapper but also his ability to tell stories through his music. Kano has consistently communicated the stories of the black working class, yet what I find most refreshing about Hoodies All Summer is the clear growth in his perspective of this community.