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Editor's Letter: Top Boy & The Voice Newspaper Prove Why The Black Community Needs More Choice & Competition

I’ll be the first to admit that competition can sometimes be hard. It can throw you when a work colleague or a competitor in business seems to be doing better than you, or achieving the things we want to achieve, causing some a sense of panic and self doubt. However, running Black Ballad my views on competition have changed. I do believe there is enough room for everyone and I genuinely think that competition is a good thing. It can make you up your game, think about solving problems and serving customers in a different way that may actually put you 10 steps ahead in your career. I think when I started to think about competition in that way, it made me sleep easier at night and not be so focused on others doing something so similar to me. 

But what made me embrace competition was thinking about how good it was for the black women I serve through Black Ballad. Black women should have choice in every single area of their lives. For so long, white women have been able to read countless publications, see themselves, read their experiences and just have choice. I think that is why I feel honoured to be leading Black Ballad at this current time; we are one of a few black owned and focused publications giving black women and the black community choice.