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Yes, I'm Black, But Don't Assume I'm A Labour Voter

If there is one lesson we can learn from the 2017 general election, it is that in politics, one should never make assumptions. 

When a rather smug looking Theresa May stood on the steps of Downing Street to announce her snap election, she assumed that her victory was inevitable. She assumed Jeremy Corbyn's incompetence and she assumed that the public had unwavering trust in her own abilities. 

May's catastrophic miscalculation should prove to us that political assumptions are dangerous at the very least. Pollster or Prime Minister, we should all remember that in politics, as in life, nothing should ever be taken for granted.  

As a first time voter in this election, I relished every opportunity to debate and consider my views with others. However, I quickly realised that many people I spoke to were quick to make their own assumptions about my voting intentions.