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Will I Be Single Forever?

I have never been in a relationship before.

Never been anyone's girlfriend, boo, bae, let alone their raison d'être. While I was growing up, I had absolutely no interest in boys. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger, so I knew first hand about their habits and lax views on cleanliness. When I went to university, I was dead set on enjoying my time away from home for the first time, soaking up all the knowledge I could and just getting to know myself. I have never been opposed to being in a relationship, but I had never found anybody that made the single life less appealing. Since my school days I have been interested in being someone's significant other and all that that entails, but it has not been easy. I have been offered an absolute madness, and that's if they even message back at all.

I believe that my disability has played a large role in this. In my experience, there seems to be an aversion to dating someone that is not physically able. I have never shied away from my disability, especially as it would be a rather difficult thing to hide as it's an obvious physical disability. If they don't seem to be put off by that, then I have noticed an expectation for me to put up with bad behaviour. As though I should accept less, and just be grateful that someone has given me a second glance. Obviously, these guys were not with me when my parents instilled a sense of self worth and pride in me. People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. And I refuse to be treated like I am worth less, because I'm really not.