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Why The 'Black Women In Luxury' Movement Is So Necessary

Plastered across Twitter and Instagram feeds, the ‘black women in luxury’ aesthetic has become a moodboard for black women everywhere who aspire to live in carefree prosperity. Social media accounts and influencers at the forefront of this aesthetic offer a new lens through which we view black women, with the Black Women In Luxury accounts in particular encouraging their audience to dream big and unapologetically. 

Amassing over 65,000 followers across Twitter and Instagram, @blackwomeninluxury has become a favourite for fans who want to envision a life full of “luxury, leisure and abundance”; an ethos its online magazine, Noirée Magazine, promotes.

What luxury looks like, however, has yet to be determined. For Noirée, it is defined as “living according to your true desires and not settling for the bare minimum”, explains Jade Orogun, the social media editor of the magazine. For some, this means prioritising your mental wellbeing, and for many, it means indulging in the finest things the world has to offer. The magazine’s Instagram page is filled with pictures set against the backdrop of envy-inducing holidays with women dressed to the nines often toting designer items. One of those women is Yvonne Victoria, a digital content creator.