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Why More Women Should 'Shoot Their Shot'

When it comes to dating, it’s fair to say the world no longer holds strictly to “traditional values”. Traditionally a man is supposed to approach the woman, court her and go on to live happily ever after. Now with the help of feminism and an increase in progressive thinking, the dating realm is far from traditional. Feminism questions the idea that men must chase women in order for a relationship to work. Women are becoming increasingly more successful in their careers and no longer have to rely on a man to bring home the bacon. We are a generation who are choosing to marry for love and this choice isn’t solely in a man’s hand anymore.

A way in which the dating world is changing is that more women are becoming comfortable approaching a man before he approaches her. From the conversations I’ve had with peers, it’s becoming more acceptable for a woman to make the first move. Twitter folk would call this
“shooting your shot”, but shooting your shot requires confidence, boldness and a thick skin – because no one likes rejection.