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Why It's Ok To Be A Mess Sometimes

‘She’s a mess’ has become one of the leading derogatory comments for our generation. It is hard to define what we truly mean by ‘a mess’, but usually we are referring to a person who doesn’t seem to have their life together, lacks a sense of direction or an incredibly rude human being. Although I would like to think that the latter does not apply to me, I definitely have enough chaos in my life to be classified as ‘a mess’ in the former two ways.   

A few weeks ago, I spent an entire weekend in my PJs watching back to back episodes of Greenleaf on Netflix. As the series descended into incomprehensible nonsense, I still could not bear to move from my bed and I found I’d finished a series in one weekend. I couldn’t be bothered to go shopping so, my meals got weirder and weirder. At one point, I ate a mix of chickpeas and mushed vegetarian sausages - actually quite tasty. I was forced to leave my apartment when I realized I was on to my last loo roll so, I had to venture to the supermarket…literally across the road. Most of my friends would describe me as an extrovert, but on seeing the number of people in the supermarket I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible – I was not interested in small talk or human contact that day.